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Finding The PowerSoul Self 

Learn how to find, recognize and tap into your own energies and power!  Using ancient shamanic methods and tools, this workshop will teach you how to find, access and use your own personal power for healing, teachings and connection with your helping spirits and the spirits of nature.

 I look forward to meeting you and working together during this exciting workshop surrounded by the natural beauty and ancient energies of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!

Note: The number of participants for each workshop will be small to allow for more interaction,  personal experiences and sharing opportunities.

Workshop Details

 This engaging, interactive and fun workshop will show you how to plug into your unique cosmic ‘energy switchboard’.


  • A full day of instruction and practice in ancient shamanic methods to understand and experience how each of us is naturally wired for this work that brings balance and harmony into our everyday lives.
  • Understanding how to connect with your own power, the universal power and your helping spirits.
  • Learning how to incorporate these incredible connections and practices into your everyday life for power, healing, wisdom and balance.
  • Becoming part of a supportive and sharing group to share practices and experiences.
  • For four weeks following the workshop session, I will host a weekly 2-hour Zoom PowerSoul Circle session, in which workshop members can practice the techniques covered in the workshop, and share experiences of how using them strengthens the connection to our own power, our helping spirits and enhances our lives – everyday!
  • The ancient shamanic techniques are incredible tools to thrive in these trying and complicated modern times. Don’t miss your opportunity to enhance your life, power and wellness by being part of this exciting workshop in the fabulous location of UNESCO site Lunenburg, Nova Scotia!
  • The ancient energies, breathtaking power and natural beauty of this magical location make this the perfect location for this very important work!
  • In the evening after the workshop concludes, the participants are invited to meet and dine together as a group in a historic and beautiful eatery right on the waterfront at Lunenburg Harbour – Home of The Bluenose!

No more spaces available…Thanks for your interest!  

Check back this Fall to see more workshop offerings in 2024!

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