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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and way of life.  Shamanic teachings focus on our connection to nature and all of creation.  This ancient practice is anchored in spiritual activities focused on healing, gaining knowledge and learning how to exist in balance within ourselves and our world.  Since the dawn of recorded history archaeologists and other researchers have found evidence that shamans and the practice of shamanism were common components in communities all over the world. 

Practitioners of Shamanism seek to be in relationship with the helping spirits in all things. Shamanism does not conflict with other religious practices, as it allows people to be in direct relationship with whatever they perceive as the higher power.

The Core Elements of Shamanism 


Shamanism connects us to others and to nature. It helps us to see things through fresh eyes and a curious heart. Shamanic practice helps us to plug into the universal energies and gain a sense of calm and insight into how we fit into the whole picture of our life and everything around us.



Healing and service to others is at the core of shamanic practice.   Shamanic healing focuses on all parts of the body and spirit and addresses them according to the unique needs of the individual. Healing is a personal experience that is shaped  and directed by one’s helping spirits.  


Shamans seek answers from the helping spirits. The possession of the relevant information at the right time  is often the key to our fulfillment.  This awareness can assist us to avoid impediments and seize opportunities because we are more able to recognize them when they happen. 



I have been a Shamanic Practitioner since 2010.  I provide both in-person and distance shamanic sessions. Each session is completely customized for the individual, based on their goals.

There is no typical kind of client. I see a wide range of people: children, teens, adults and seniors. People seek shamanic treatments for various reasons: physical, emotional, stress, grief, direction and empowerment to name a few.

The common element shared by all my clients is the profound experience they have during their session.   The energy connections that occur are speak to the needs and goals of each person during that specific session. Clients say they feel heightened states of wellness and power by the end of the session.

Please take some time to browse around the site to see what resonates with you.  If you have questions please feel free to contact me or if you would like to book your own shamanic session, please go to the Bookings page.

Thank you for stopping by!

~ Deborah Blucher (she/her)

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What I Offer

I offer both in-person and distance  Shamanic healing sessions. These treatments are focused on addressing issues that are acting as an impediment to you experiencing optimum wellness and peace in your daily life. The approach for each session is entirely customized to facilitate reaching your focus goal. Here are just some of the Shamanic methods that can be used in your session:


Seeking information, messages or insights from helping spirits is the focus of Divination.  Before your session a divination is conducted by me to ask helping spirits for guidance. This information can be useful in providing deeper insights, drawing attention to unseen impediments, shaping decisions or indicating direction.

Power Animal Retrieval

A shamanic journey with the intent to seek,  identify and bring back your power animal. A power animal is a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to you. You do not choose the animal, it chooses you. Power animals can provide guidance, lessons, protection, power, and wisdom.

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes when we experience physical or emotional trauma, a part of our soul detaches itself and hides away in order to protect itself from additional trauma.  If a soul piece is ready to return, a journey to find, accompany and reintroduce that soul piece can be accomplished to help reinstate the feeling of being one’s whole self again.


This treatment removes any energy from your body that does not belong. This misplaced energy is known as an intrusion.  Sometimes the intrusion results from external sources like: when you ‘absorb’ another’s sadness or you are the receiver of  someone’s anger. Other times the intrusions result when you internalize stresses from work or when dealing with a personal or family crisis. Extractions are a powerful way to release energy intrusions that weigh you down.


Often  life’s experiences can drain us of our personal energy.  This loss can make us feel vulnerable, depressed, agitated or lacking in enthusiasm for things we used to enjoy. By receiving power from the helping spirits you will feel these power-loss symptoms dissolve as you start to feel more positive and in control of your life.


This Shamanic method is used to connect with a person who has died.  A journey is made by the Shamanic Practitioner to find the soul of that person and confirm that it reached its proper destination.  Sometimes  with sudden or violent deaths the soul of a person gets ‘stuck’ here in the middle world.  In other instances the soul of that person feels too strongly connected to the real world. This connection results from things like concern for loved ones or  when those left behind cannot let go. Psychopomp assists the soul address these issues and the Shaman is able to escort the soul to where it needs to go.

Home or Property Clearing

Do you repeatedly experience odd energies or thoughts when you move through a certain space in your home, property or a building? More than likely you have a spirit being that has for some reason taken up residence there. This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  •  A being feels a connection to the space or a person or object in that space.
  • There is a leftover energy signature from an event that took place in this space.
  • A suffering being spirit has stumbled into the space and is staying because it feels familiar. Sometimes these beings are not even aware that they have died, so they have no inkling that they are in another’s home or space.
  • The being actually has a bonafide job there. They can be a keeper of space and are the caretaker for that space for other beings such as recently deceased spirits passing through or to look after the space for nature spirits or other magical creatures.

All of these scenarios can be assisted via space clearing or calming. The process is gentle, supportive and benefits all parties involved. If you are experiencing an unwanted space sharing situation, just contact me and we can chat about the best way to remedy this issue for you.

The focus

Mind, Body & Soul: Awareness, Nourishment, Proactive Wellness

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Client Feedback

"Deborah helped me to fight the crippling anxiety that had been plaguing me for years! Do yourself a favour and get in touch with The Wired Shaman."

"My sessions have helped me to resolve some pretty debilitating physical issues. I have my Power Animal now and really value the strength and insights I receive each day."

"The strategies I have been learning help me to create more balance in my life each day !

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