Archaeological evidence shows that since the dawn of recorded history shamans and the practice of shamanism have been common components in cultures all over the world.  I became fascinated by the concept that, at a time when there was no technology nor means of communicating long distances,  how did it come about that so many different and dispersed cultures practiced shamanic rituals that were eerily similar to one another? The benefits of shamanism must have been substantial because they have stood the test of time…

What are the benefits of Shamanism?

Many many cultures still practice shamanism today as a part of their everyday life.  They seek health and healing for their mind, body and spirit from their local shaman. They understand and appreciate the interconnections between humans and nature. They find peace and stress reduction by simple daily practices that bring balance into their homes and families.

Daily headlines in every media seem to indicate that mainstream North American culture is on a never ending search to decrease stress, increase happiness, improve mental health for us and our kids. So why then are Shamanism and other ancient strategies not more commonly practiced within our society?  Lack of awareness?  Suspicion? I really can’t say for certain.

What I can do is provide a convenient tool for those who are seeking  a lifestyle of less stress and more fulfillment a way of attaining that via awareness and learning. This is the purpose of this website: awareness and skills building though sharing experiences and online learning opportunities. It is a coupling of the ancient and the modern technologies to bring about this shared life enhancement goal.

It for this reason that I chose the the name ‘The Wired Shaman’… it is a respectful nod to Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist at CERN, who invented the World Wide Web back in 1989. CERN is a scientific research organization that successfully brought together 22 member countries who have their best and brightest engineers and physicists working together to research and discover the fundamental structure of the universe. The Internet was developed for the purpose of allowing the CERN scientists and engineers to instantly share findings and data so they could move together in understanding the universe, how it came to be and how it works.

By using the medium of the Internet to communicate my message and the lessons, I hope to create a welcoming new portal that will allow you, and others like you, to launch a personal exploration of an ancient practice that spans our planet and may just expand our awareness of this universe and where we fit into it. So please stay a while and have a good look around. See if Shamanism speaks to you the way it has spoken to so many over thousands of years…. welcome!

~The Wired Shaman