Does Shamanic Healing Work for Pets?

Does Shamanic Healing Work for Pets?

Shamanic Healing for Animals

It has often been said that a dog is a man’s best friend – a sentiment shared by dog and cat owners alike. Our pets have a unique ability to pick up on emotions, thoughts and pain and help alleviate our stress and anxiety, cope with crisis, and be more mindful and present in our lives. Just petting your dog or cat can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, while having a positive effect on your pet as well.

What comes as a surprise to many people, even those who have sought Shamanic treatments themselves, is that animals can benefit greatly from Shamanic Healing. Dog, cat, fish, bird, turtle, lizard, horse, cow – ANY animal can benefit from this ancient energy work.

Animals, wild or domestic, live the same life path that we humans do. They are born, live and die. The very process of existing presents situations or experiences that can have negatively impactful outcomes. Being neglected, abused, frightened, injured, afflicted with a serious illness, heartbroken or depressed can each result in damage and a weakening of a human’s or animal’s spiritual energy.

When a being’s energy field is lowered in this way, that being is more susceptible to intrusions of negative energies. These negative or imbalanced energies can cause a myriad of issues that can manifest into a degradation or imbalance within the physical or emotional self. Such imbalances can swiftly transform into such issues as physical pain or illness, depression, addictions, obsessive behaviours or anxiety, to name a few.

The good news is that animals are far better tuned into their energy fields that us humans. They instinctively know that something is amiss. Unfortunately, they do not have the capacity to fix or heal themselves. They do, however, recognize the presence of healing when it occurs.

While animals may find it initially surprising to experience the presence of the healing energy pulses at the start of a session, they are quick to recognize that this is helping to correct an imbalance. While they may startle momentarily, they soon re-approach without skepticism or fear. Without fail, they look at me knowingly and move closer to be an active participant in the healing session. I continue until the animal signals the treatment is complete – they walk away and lie down. It is truly a beautiful experience to witness!

Soon after that, most animals seek out a quiet place and settle down for a long nap to let the healing fully settle in to where and how it is needed. Then, after a good nap and a drink of water, the animal is usually ready to carry on with the day as usual.

Animals bring us so much joy and comfort. It is wonderful when we return the kindness with Shamanic healing and power when they are in need.

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