When deciding on a name for my shamanic practice, I chose ‘Wired Shaman’ because it reflects the many ways that I can harmoniously connect ancient traditions and way of life to modern times.

Long before ‘social distancing’ became part of our everyday vocabulary, I had come to appreciate how technology could help me fulfill what I call my ‘marching orders’ from my helping spirits: to shine a flashlight on the path to shamanism so others can connect with fulfilling traditions and way of life as they create and follow their own unique path.

As we adapt to what many refer to as our ‘new reality’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, that name and my belief have fallen nicely into place. Distance healing is the only way I can do what I do and do it for a lot of people – just as my helping spirits directed. Thankfully, I was already comfortable with distance healing, both as a shamanic practitioner and as a shamanic client.

I initially wondered how distance treatments could possibly allow me to experience the same intimate connection I have with my clients during traditional in-person treatments. But after reflecting on the power of my drumming circle with fellow shamanic practitioners, which sends healing to wherever it has been requested or does the best good, I embraced the opportunity and am grateful I did.

Distance treatments have proven so powerful, they have even transformed the ways I interact with my clients during in-person treatments with glowing results. While the pandemic heightened awareness about the need for distance treatments, it also helped practitioners like me realize not everyone has the same access to technology like the internet or even the same levels of ease using technology.

While I am comfortable conducting a treatment using tools like Zoom or Skype that allow a client to see and hear what I’m doing and saying, some clients find it distracting and prefer to connect with me at the beginning of the session and again when it’s complete, either over the phone or online.

Some practitioners will journey on their own and send healing to their client, but I enjoy working in the moment with my clients as they lie down in the comfort of their own home. I have chosen a teddy bear to serve as a proxy or substitute for a client. I place it on my treatment table and as I rattle in the helping spirits – just like I would during a traditional in-person session – I am told where to place my crystals (if I’m told to use them at all) and so on.

As I follow my instructions, the helping spirits explain how each action will help the client, which in turn helps me better hone the purpose of what I’m doing. I often receive messages or teachings to share with my client. I’ve discovered using a proxy allows me to do things I couldn’t do during a traditional treatment.

During one session, for example, the helping spirits asked me to pick up the teddy bear and take it by the hand as we walked to a sunny window. I placed the bear’s paws on the windowsill and looked at the sunny day so it could feel the comforting warmth of the sun on its face. The purpose was to assure my client that her future is bright and that as she bravely moves toward it, joy awaits.

I am also using technology to virtually connect with people I have taken shamanic training courses with – some of whom are around the world. Not only does that allow me to continue to experience the power of community, it further underscores the premise of the business name I selected and helps me crystalize the directive my helping spirits gave me years ago.

I invite you to book a distance treatment today so you can begin or continue your own shamanic journey to long-lasting healing and strength!

~ Deborah


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