Shamanic Healing Techniques for Treating PTSD

Shamanic Healing Techniques for Treating PTSD

Shamanic Healing for PTSD Treatment 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stands as a formidable challenge for millions worldwide, stemming from exposure to traumatic events. While conventional treatments have shown some success in treating PTSD, there is an increasing interest in alternative approaches, notably Shamanic healing techniques. Despite the historical disconnect between modern Western societies and Shamanic practices, there’s a growing recognition of the success rates of effectively treating PTSD across the diverse populations who are suffering from this debilitating condition.


Shamanic Healing: An Overview

Shamanism, rooted in ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures, offers a holistic framework for healing that resonates with the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Central to Shamanic practices are rituals, ceremonies, and the utilization of natural elements to restore balance and harmony within individuals. While seemingly unconventional in modern contexts, the effectiveness of Shamanic healing in addressing the complexities of PTSD, is now being recognized in mainstream North American society.


Shamanic Techniques in PTSD Treatment:

Within the realm of PTSD treatment, Shamanic techniques offer unique avenues for healing trauma. Soul retrieval, a core practice, involves reclaiming fragmented aspects of the soul lost during traumatic experiences. Research published in the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation highlights the success of soul retrieval therapy in reducing PTSD symptoms and fostering overall well-being among trauma survivors.


Mainstream Applications of Shamanic Techniques in Treating PTSD:

Recently, instances of Shamanic healing’s success in treating PTSD have surfaced from many new sources. Notably, studies, such as those conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, have documented significant reductions in PTSD symptoms among veterans following Shamanic drumming ceremonies. Moreover, in urban settings like New York City, initiatives such as the Urban Shamanism Project have adapted traditional techniques to resonate with marginalized communities, yielding transformative outcomes in trauma recovery.


Exciting Adopters of Ancient Shamanic Methods:

Dr. Edward Tick PHD, a leading figure in trauma healing, has made significant strides in integrating Shamanic approaches within the military context. Through programs like Soldier’s Heart, Tick has pioneered the use of Shamanic rituals and ceremonies to address the deep wounds of war. His work emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the soul’s injuries and facilitating holistic healing journeys for veterans grappling with PTSD.


Challenges and Future Directions:

Despite the promising outcomes, challenges persist in integrating Shamanic healing into mainstream healthcare systems. Skepticism, cultural barriers, and the need for standardized training for Shamanic practitioners remain key hurdles. However, ongoing research and interdisciplinary collaboration hold promise in overcoming these obstacles and expanding access to effective PTSD treatment. These are exciting times, as these ancient practices are being brought into mainstream treatment channels and being paired with modern clinical treatment practices.


Shamanic Practitioner’s Notes…

Shamanic healing techniques provide a multifaceted approach to PTSD treatment that transcends cultural boundaries. This exciting avenue for treating PTSD opens up a caring, personalized and holistic method for those who are seeking relief and healing from the devastating impact of PTSD.

The healing process for those suffering from PTSD is an individual one. The first hurdle is for each person to understand that the way they are feeling and behaving is a result of the impact of the trauma that they have experienced – and NOT some weakness or flaw in them as a person. The treatment timing, sequence and focus are customized to unique composition of how PTSD is impacting and manifesting within each person.

Multiple shamanic treatment techniques are used  over the course of the individual’s healing journey: extraction, clearing, power animal retrieval, shamanic journeying, compassionate depossession, power work and soul retrieval – to name the main healing focuses. I invite you to explore these topics that are covered in other areas of this website, if they interest you.  How and when these techniques are used is directed by the helping spirits of the person seeking treatment, along with my own helping spirits.

The healing process usually flows something like this... In the first session the client shares general information on how they are feeling and how things have been over the past months or years, depending on their situation. A comprehensive shamanic treatment is undertaken to begin the healing and define the next steps and sequencing for the areas on which to focus and the methodology to be used. After each session, the client is usually suggested (by the helping spirits) to complete some ‘homework’ i.e.) connect with a returned soul piece, or power animal ,or natural elements by spending time in nature.

The process continues in this manner.  As for frequency of sessions, most times, that determination is usually left to the client – unless clear direction has been provided by the helping spirits. If no clear direction has been communicated, people just know when they have integrated the healing and teachings from a session and are ready to continue on their healing journey. The process timeline is a varied as those who seek treatment. However the speed of the positive impacts and progress of healing is clearly evident to each one.  The experienced improvements are heartening and empowering to the client because they begin to feel like they can heal and once again feel calm, joy and in control.

As the healing continues, new strategies (based on ancient shamanic practices) are learned, empowerment is experienced, and the orientation to entirely new dimensions for experiencing oneself and one’s life become woven through the  consciousness and soul. It is at this point that the client is able to celebrate their growth and healing as they step past PTSD symptoms and fully embrace the richness of their true self!

And THAT, is a joy and honour to witness… If you, or someone you care about is suffering from PTSD and would like to learn more about how shamanic healing can facilitate the empowerment and recovery process, please get in touch with me.  I would be happy to speak further about how shamanic healing can result in recovery from PTSD.

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